Zoey Roland

Zoey finds the city inspiring, and loves helping people discover themselves through performing. She believes in empowering the youth of her generation through creative discovery in the arts and believes strongly that with confidence and a little bit of faith, you can achieve anything. It’s Zoey’s dream to move and inspire thousands of people with her performing one day, and to live in a world where everyone feels safe, loved, and believes in themselves. She’s very excited and looks forward to working with you! 

Zoey Roland has been an actress in plays, musicals, and film for 9 years. She has been doing shows with The Hartford Stage program, for 5 years. She has been trained in Acents&dialects, musical cabaret, stunt work, and improvisation just to name a few. Her most recent show at Hartford stage was “Pippin” where she played Catherine. Her upcoming show is “Parade” with The Opera house players in East Windsor CT. When she’s not busy acting, Zoey enjoys editing and posting videos to her YouTube channel “OhSoZoey”, wrestling, and writing as well as creating her own music.

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