Chanise Sharay - Founder

"For as long as I can remember, I have had a special place in my heart for children of all ages.

I have no idea where it came from or when it started exactly. I just know that I love being

around/working with them. It seems as though I tend to find myself in rewarding positions

that allows me to help make them a Greater person in Life.

            "Listen to Your Heart" came about in 2012, at the peak of my career... I'd just won

Model of the Year, signed a contract to a major NY Agency, and I'd made two magazine covers. 

I just knew where I belonged. But there was something within me that kept saying

“You could have been here years ago if you followed your own path”

            I missed many opportunities because I was afraid of what my Friends/Peers would say

and/or think of me. Yes, I was a follower! Moreover, it was not until I was older that I realized

this. As I watch my younger cousins, the young kids play backstage at a show, and other young

people around me go through their journey of this thing we call “Life”, I see a similar pattern

that I once was victim to…Following the Crowd.

Once again, that voice within me says..."There has to be something you can do!”

Chanise was born and raised in East Orange, NJ.​

At the age of 15, Chanise discovered her Passion in Modeling.

She got her start from a well known designer, Mr. Tyrone Chablis, who recruited her for her first photo shoot on one of his up and coming clothing lines. While still working with Mr. Chablis, she decided to branch off and explore the modeling world a little deeper. During her journey, she was blessed to be presented with numerous opportunities. She has modeled in Essex County College Fashion Shows for 3 years and walked away with numerous awards such as “New and Improved”, “Best Smile”, “Best Walk”, etc…. 

In 2011, she was Runner up in the Miss Black New Jersey Pageant. Even though this was the best time of her life, the most memorable moment came when she met Emmy Nominated Hair Stylist, Yancey Edwards. From that moment, Yancey took her under his wing and introduced her to the Fashion World as we know it. 

In 2012, she won John Blassingame’s International Model of the Year competition. At this point in her career, there was no stopping her.

She has been a part of many New York Fashion Week events walking for notable designers such as Lantie Foster of Project Runway, Leanne Marshall, Marco Hall, Tiffany & Co., Just to name a few.

She was also honored to walk for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which was one of many highlights in her career.

Within this same year, Chanise signed her first contract with a New York based Modeling Agency.

With her love for dancing, Chanise joined a traveling dance company, "Styletainment the Show" in support of women going through Breast Cancer, a company that she still performs with to date.

Chanise later became a Brand Model for New York based hair companies, such as Janet Hair Collections, It’s a Wig, and Sensual Collections.

With God and Family by her side, Chanises' career just kept on sky- rocketing.

With her passion for Modeling and love for helping others, she became a Mentor to young adults and children who are aspiring to become models as well.

In 2013, Atlantic City Fashion Week added Chanise to their team as their Model Coordinator and later adding the Title of backstage director, a position that she held until September 2017.

Chanise has also graced the pages of many magazines such as Elle Magazine, Today's Black Women, Fashion Avenue News, Hype Hair, Vogue, GQ, and also gracing the cover of I-Fashion Magazine.

Chanise also made her acting debut appearing in her first web series entitled “Beyond Desperation”. To prepare for this role, she took acting lessons from celebrity acting coach Wendy McKenzie.

In 2015, I-Fashion Magazine recruited Chanise as their Director of Youth Fashions. In this position, she has the ability to talk about children of the future and put a spotlight on those that are making a difference at such a young age.


Today, Chanise is still on the rise and building her empire. Between public speaking, being a mentor, a columnist, a director, and a dancer, Chanise will always find the time to be a Model!

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