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A Message from Chanise:


            Listen to Your Heart came about in 2012, at the peak of my career. I just won Model of the Year, I just signed a contract to a major NY Agency, I made two magazine covers and I just knew where I belonged. But there was something within me that kept saying “You could have been here years ago if you followed your OWN heart...your OWN passion”


            I missed many opportunities because I was afraid of what my Friends/Peers would say and/or think of me. Yes, I was a follower! Moreover, it was not until I was older that I realized this. As I watch my younger cousins, the young kids backstage at a show, and other young people around me go through their journey of this thing we call “Life”, I see a similar pattern that I once was victim to…Following the Crowd. Once again, that voice within me says, “There has to be something you can do!”

And Listen to Your Heart was born!


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