Our Main Priority - The Children

When children feel good about themselves, it sets them up for success – In everything from School to Friendships. Positive feelings like Self-Love and Self-Confidence help kids try new challenges, cope with Mistakes and Try Again. Taking pride in their abilities and accomplishments help kids do their best. At Listen to your Heart, we are here to encourage kids to be true to who they are and try something at least once and feel good about it after. We provide them with an environment where they can be themselves freely with no worry regarding judgement.

We are Focused on you...

During our Workshop, each registered child will have the opportunity to choose which genre they would like to participate in for the 11 weeks. Industry professionals will mentor the children in 1 of 3 available Genres giving them the Best and most required attention to ensure they feel Confident and Comfortable

We are accepting both Boys and Girls between the ages of 6 Yrs. old – 17 Yrs. Old

Located in NJ, NY, PA and surrounding Areas

The Available Genres are:

  • Modeling

  • Dancing

  • Acting/Spoken Word

It's Showtime!!!

At the end of the 11 Week Program, the entire company will put on a Full Production/Showcase for all their Family and Friends.

This will be the icing on the cake as they will gain that extra boost of Confidence from the ones they love and who love them!

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